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Consumer Financing

Payments are made direct to the merchant.
– No application or set up fee 
– No monthly fees.
– Merchant has no responsibility for any missed payments or non-payments by the customer
– We provide complete training.
– Use our system, increase sales. 

Consumer Financing is your answer to increase profitability. Make more sales, make more appointments, make more money. In today’s world, many of your customers need the financing. Sometimes, they do not want to have to ask. Start advertising financing available! Stop wasting time giving quotes and not having a way to close the deal!

When talking to a potential customer on the phone, mention the financing. When visiting a customer in their home, mention the financing. It will never hurt to mention financing. In our program, you help the customer apply for the loan and the application goes out to multiple funders. The customer will then choose the deal he or she wants, and the money gets paid directly to you! Yes, payment directly to the contractor!

You are NOT responsible if the customer does not pay back the money. Contact our team for more information: 813-995-4503