Is a Zero-Fee Credit Card Processing Program Good for Your Business?

Would significantly reducing your processing of credit card costs help you increase your profit margins? Zero-fee processing can assist in cutting or removing your credit card processing costs by shifting the expenses onto your consumers, so if you take credit cards, you may have heard of it. How does it function?

When it comes to zero-fee credit card processing, there are two methods. You can apply cash discounts or conduct a surcharge campaign. Let’s examine both possibilities to determine whether a program for zero-fee credit card processing is appropriate for your company.

What is a cash discount?

Due to the high fees associated with credit card processing, it is very expensive for businesses. That is a problem for companies with limited resources. If you have chosen to take credit and debit cards, swipe fees, also known as interchange fees, may become a financial hardship for your company. The key justification for why so many businesses are thinking about using cash discounting for processing credit card services is this.

There are many advantages to the cash discount program for companies of all sizes and sorts, but there are also disadvantages. We’ll lay everything down below because, unfortunately, the majority of business owners are unaware of what this program is, its advantages, or its drawbacks. But first, let’s go through its definition and operation.

A cash discount program, also known as cash discounting, refers to the strategies used by retailers to pass on to their clients or cardholders the expenses associated with taking credit and debit cards.

Cash discount schemes allow businesses to reduce the costs associated with processing credit cards, which will result in a substantial decrease in

per month for their processing bill. The retailers boost their pricing by placing simple, noticeable signage on the storefront and giving discounts to clients who pay with cash.

What are Surcharging Credit Cards?

The fact that businesses pay fees when they take credit cards is one of the reasons surcharges have been permitted. These charges to companies often run between 1% and 3% of each transaction. Businesses may also be responsible for per-transaction fees (which may be less than credit card fees for debit cards). When clients pay with such a credit card, it might be challenging to turn a profit in particular businesses, like those that depend on little transactions. 

Some companies now consider these payments to be an unavoidable expense. However, for business owners, the financial blow may be crippling, diverting important resources from prospects for expansion and innovation. An option is to impose surcharges, which let companies charge customers who use credit cards for paying the cost of acceptance. Customers still have no-fee choices, such as using a debit card to pay, even with surcharging.

Which is a better option? Cash Discounts or Surcharging.

Customers pay the credit card costs through both a surcharge scheme and a cash discount program. If you, the merchant, add to or deduct from the total makes a difference. A surcharge is applied whenever the list price is increased. A cash discount occurs when the list price is deducted.

The third sort of program is also available; it is referred to as a “non-cash adjustment” program. In this kind of program, all of your merchant price levels are mentioned as cash prices, and whenever a credit card is used, a “non-cash adjustment” fee is added. This sort of program is presented as a cash discount program, but it’s regarded as a surcharge program because the cost is Added to the total.

Why choose us?

We can assist you in keeping your business account services free of expensive monthly costs. Zero card processing costs can enable you to reinvest more of your revenues in your company if you’re short on cash. Additionally, you are allowed to modify the cost of your goods or service to suit your requirements.

Guaranteeing that all sensitive data stays with the supplier rather than being kept somewhere else, like internal servers or mobile devices, may also offer better security

than choices. Many business owners utilize free processing of credit cards to thwart fraud and guarantee that their organization won’t be held liable for erroneous transactions.

We don’t bind you to a lengthy contract, charge for equipment, or impose any up-front expenses. Thus getting started is simple with advanced zero processing fees.

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