Gambling, adult amusement, internet dating, forex, multi-level marketing, and travel are all examples of high-risk merchant accounts. Online subscription companies, mail order telephone order (MOTO) enterprises, large sales transaction amounts, high sales data transaction volume, and delayed goods delivery are all included. Instabill receives requests from all of the aforementioned sorts of businesses and matches them with commercial banks that are familiar with their industry and payment requirements.

We make no assurances, but we vow to listen to your story and consider all of our options. We prefer to think of the problem as a long-term solution rather than a short-term concern for high-risk businesses. The decline in card companies’ tolerance for chargebacks & fraud is requiring e-commerce merchants, particularly those in high-risk, high-chargeback industries, to improve their business skills. Merchants here have no option but to be proactive in their chargeback and fraud prevention efforts, as well as to improve their customer service.

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