A high-risk merchant account is a merchant account for businesses that are vulnerable to fraud and chargebacks from the processor. The type of the business, the owner’s personal credit and business history, and other variables may be used to make this determination.  Advanced Zero Fee Processing provides you with a cost high risk merchant account in Florida. 

Every business has its own high-risk criteria, therefore one processor may consider a business to be high-risk while another does not.

Naturally, having a business labeled “high-risk” is bothersome. Particular kinds of businesses such as (adult entertainment, gambling, bankruptcy legal companies, etc.) almost invariably receive the label of high risk, but it can also be achieved by merely having low personal credit or high average ticket sales. 

Don’t get too panicked, if a processor rejects your application because you’re a high-risk merchant. You can still locate a processor that will work with you, even if most of the big names in the business won’t.

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