Advanced Zero Fee Processing Offers low-cost high-risk merchant accounts in Florida.  We are one of Florida’s leading providers of low-cost, high-risk merchant account processing

High risk merchant account is actually the account that is required when you start accepting credit cards after you establish a new business. And depending on how you do it, you’ll be labeled as a high-risk or low-risk merchant account. 

A high-risk merchant account indicates that credit card processors (also known as merchant service providers or payment service providers) believe you have a significant risk of obtaining a large number of chargebacks and refund requests on your credit card transactions.  And having a low-risk merchant account means you’re less likely to have chargebacks.

Another reason merchant accounts are considered high-risk is that chargebacks have traditionally been common in their business. Subscription services, for example, are subject to chargebacks since customers sign up for a free trial and must secure the trial with their credit card. They have every intention of canceling the trial the day before the first payment is due, but they fail to do so. Rather than canceling the membership and bearing the financial consequences of their own blunder, they ask the merchant to submit a chargeback to their bank and have the money credited to their account.

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